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Celebrating 10 years in business

Highly acclaimed medical cosmetic clinic, No.6, are celebrating their 10th year of business since treating their first clients back in 2006.  10 years of establishing their prominence and becoming a destination of choice for people across Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London. Founded by Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner, Samantha Clarke, No.6 Clinic, located in St Johns, is dedicated to bringing their clients the best skincare advice and solutions. This unique clinic in Tunbridge Wells prides itself at being at he forefront of advanced facial treatments and aesthetic injectables. They have become renowned locally for delivering the most up to date and clinically proven treatments for a range of skin concerns, including anti-ageing, problematic skins, rosacea, pigmentation and scarring, as well as IPL permanent hair removal and vascular removal.

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Why hide my scars when I can talk about them honestly? My Dermaroller Therapy™ experience so far…

The one thing I was always been conscious of when growing up was the pitted scars on the side of my face. Now, aged 28, I have learnt to accept them, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to improve them in any way I can. In the past two years, since discovering No.6, have I really started to cater for and nurture my skin. After first examination, back in 2014, I had learnt that the pitted scars, also known as “atrophic scars”, are deep scars commonly caused by chickenpox. Pitted scars make skin regeneration slower and often leads to a permanent scarring, which I have.  However, I also learnt that I could improve the appearance of my scars by enjoying skincare maintenance through treating myself to regular peels and Ominlux light treatments and by establishing a home skincare routine. After having several honest conversations with No.6 Clinic’s Aesthetic Nurses, Samantha and Haley, I had decided that the next step to my skin journey would be to have Dermaroller Therapy™. Their honest, professional, advice made me aware that some of the scars may not fade, or improve, however some would and overall my skin would be healthier. Dermaroller Therapy™

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It’s Time to Take Notice of Your Neck

No matter how young you may look from the chin up, if you don’t lavish some care on your neck your age will be an easy read. Neck skin is a prime age-revealer; an article recently published in the Telegraph stated that “50% of the visible signs of ageing happen in lower part of our face and below the neck”. This is because the skin can be thinner, due to a lower level of fatty tissue, and more sensitive, therefore it is the first to suffer from premature elastin and collagen degradation. The neck area is also just as prone to changes in pigment, sun damage, texture – and, yes, to wrinkles. With this in mind, here are some ways that you can improve the appearance of your neck, whatever your age. Apply to Face…and Neck Start to make a conscious effort in continuing your skincare regime below your jaw line and right down to your chest area. The neck has fewer sebaceous glands meaning that it dehydrates easily and needs nourishing ingredients to help restore this moisture. Aesthetician Beth recommends Environ’s AVST Body Oil, £42.45, a lightweight formula which contains Vitamin A, to normalise and repair, Vitamin C and

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Celebrating new No6 team appointments

Celebrating new No6 team appointments! Words by Sam Clarke, Director Bethany Jones “Working at No6 since 2013, Bethany has shown outstanding commitment, skill & dedication in her role as senior aesthetician. This month after 6 months mentor-ship with myself she is No6 Clinic & Shop Manager, congratulations Bethany!” Dr Natasha Gilani “After a working relationship for 8 years with No6, Dr Natasha Gilani has this month become a partner in the aesthetic side of No6 with the new title of Medical Director. Exciting times ahead!” Kayleigh Minihane “Kayleigh has been a driving force in creating the No6 brand and worked enthusiastically with passion & dedication since early 2014. She has brought awareness locally to the No6 Clinic & Shop and been key in welcoming new clients & staff alike. Thank you Kayleigh! Kayleigh is now the Marketing Director at No.6.”

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The No.6 Home Range by Ellie Beach

Our products come from a local independent business, who specialise in finding the finest selection of natural ingredients to create unique scents. The No.6 candles are hand-poured with pure natural mineral wax incorporating our fragrances to suit your mood and surroundings. Our blends are environmentally friendly, ethically produced and the wicks are lead free. Ingredients are natural, biodegradable and manufactured meeting FDA standards. Our products are all highly scented with a good fragrance throw and a scent that is long lasting. Why did we produce the home range? Due to demand from clients we decided to extend the product ranges that we offer. We wanted to ensure that clients prolong their relaxation and create the perfect environment in their own homes. Why buy from us as opposed to larger retailer? We are a small, local, family run company, supporting a local business by using them as our supplier. All of the products are handpicked by our team, and we have worked hard to choose scents that we believe our clients will enjoy. Within our ethos we try to build close relationships with our clients by providing what we believe are fabulous products. This is why we only use high quality

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60 Seconds With Aesthetic Nurse Haley

What attracted you to work in the aesthetic industry? Many reasons, but mostly because I have a passion for skincare, particularly the affects of ageing and how to prevent it. What do you enjoy most about working at No.6 Clinic? It’s a professional and welcoming clinic. I feel that I can take my time with my clients and I never feel rushed. The clinic also offers a variety of treatments so I can individualise my clients treatment program. What is your favourite treatment to have? A combination of Botox and dermal fillers. These are used more widely now as a prevention rather than a cure. The results of these treatments can build anyone’s confidence and self esteem. Describe yourself in three words Professional Attentive Positive What is your favourite product? Vitamin A. It has many beneficial factors including ex-foliating, hydrating and repairing the skin. And finally, what is your No 1 skincare tip? Always wear SPF regardless of the weather. The sun is one of the largest environmental factors for premature ageing.

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New Year Beauty Resolutions

Don’t go another year with making and breaking a New Year resolution, why not make a promise to yourself that is easy to keep (and our Team will help you along the way!). This year, invest in your skin’s health and begin a routine that will help you for all your New Years to come. We often don’t think about the impact our skincare regime has on our confidence and overall health, but even the smallest of changes can significantly change the way we feel about ourselves. Here are three small resolutions which will make a large difference to your skin’s health and, in turn, your well-being! Resolution 1) Seek Advice Did you know No.6 Clinic is 10years old this year?! Our Doctors, Nurses, Aestheticians and Beauty Therapists have a wealth of experience and knowledge enabling them to give honest advice to each client that comes through our doors. We offer free skincare consultations to all new clients and give reviews regularly to all our loyal clients. We all practice what we preach by using, and absolutely adoring, the product ranges and treatments on offer, because we see our clients getting results we simply cannot resist! Second guessing your own

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No.6 Christmas Shopping Day

Give the gift of radiant skin this Christmas (plus enjoy huge savings to treat yourself and your home!) No.6 Christmas Shopping Day Saturday 5th December, 9.30am to 4.00pm Whether it’s a luxurious facial at the Clinic, or a box packed with results driven skincare products, a present from No.6 makes the perfect gift for your loved ones. Our experienced and dedicated team of skincare experts will help you even if you do not know their routine, and can advise on the ideal treats for our regular clients. We have something to fit every budget and skincare need. Simply choose a specific amount, a No.6 Clinic or Beauty Bar treatment, or tailor pick several items to create your own bespoke opulent gift. Join us on Saturday 5th December for great discounts on all treatments, vouchers and Environ, Dermaquest, Advanced Nutrition Programme and Jane Iredale products. As well as enjoying exclusive deals on our new pure mineral homecare range, produced locally in East Sussex.

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Options for facial pigmentation and slight scarring

“I have pigmentation in the form of dark spots and even some slight scarring on my face – is there anything I can do to eliminate this problem or is make-up my only option?” Our Jane Iredale make-up can offer a quick fix solution because the pure mineral pigment make-up gives exceptional coverage as it contains no fillers such as talcs or bismuth. However, for a long term solution we would recommend a course of 3 Intense Pulsed Light treatments, a month apart, supported by Dermaquest Mango Brite Peels and a structured home care regime. The specially designed IPL light is absorbed only by the cells containing excessive concentrations of pigment (melanin) and destroys the pigment granules. It does not destroy the surrounding tissues or remove the normal skin colour. IPL also works for scarring, releasing precisely controlled short pulses of filtered light that stimulate the fibroblast cells within the skin that produce collagen and elastin,  resulting in a more uniform complexion. The skin becomes firmer and appears more radiant.  At No.6 Clinic we offer 20% off a course of 3 treatments and a full free consultation and review, see our website for more details. Regular use of sunscreen is essential if new areas are

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