The rise of male hair removal

Nearly all of the treatments offered at No.6 are suitable for men as well as women, but due to client demand we are working on adding extra treatments to our extensive menu so that we can offer the highest quality of appointments, particularly aimed at male skin and grooming. Stay tuned for male facials and grooming treatments to be revealed soon.

Male IPL hair removalA treatment already popular with our male clients is the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), ideal for those wanting a hair-free back, smooth chest or hairless back of the neck. Here at No.6 Clinic we have seen an increase in male clients opting for this treatment for many reasons, including wanting to avoid painful ingrown hairs and razor burns – which men are more prone to because their hair is thicker and coarser. Lifestyles are also meaning that people are now demanding long-lasting results and with IPL, after each treatment you can expect to be hair free for up to six weeks, then experiencing a full reduction within a course of treatments, six sessions. This method of hair removal is also more cost and time effective, as well as being less painful than alternatives. Win, win!

While for some women a hairy chest is a sign of a ‘real’ man, today it seems that more women prefer their men’s chests to be silky smooth.  There is also actual evidence of physiological performance improvement amongst athletes after ridding of unwanted hair. Many also choose to remove hair to avoid chaffing and rashes caused by rubbing. And with celebrities making it public knowledge that they too are a fan of hair removal, it is no wonder that the number of men seeking hair removal treatments rose to 85% in just one year.

For a limited time only*, No.6 Clinic are offering 50% off pre-paid IPL hair removal courses on the back, chest and back of neck areas. Saving up to £750 on one course!

You’ll initially meet with our Aesthetic Therapists for a FREE 30 min consultation (patch test £50, refunded on treatment taken) to assess suitability for treatment and answer any questions you may have. All treatments are carried out under medical supervision. Client’s dignity, confidentiality and safety is maintained at all times at No6 Clinic.

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*Offer ends 31st August 2016