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The importance of a good skincare regime, our No.6 golden rules….

The importance of a good skincare regime, our No.6 golden rules…. 1 – Cleanse 2 – Serum 3 – Eye cream 4 – Moisturiser 5 – SPF (am) It is always healthy to rotate products, as skin improves or has different requirements, adapt to suit its needs. Here at No.6 our friendly team can advise the best regime for you skin. We stock active ingredients which work at a deeper level and mean you get results! The concentration of the ingredients means you need 50% less than what you would from high street beauty products – longer lasting products, even better value for money! Due to the success of our #discoverskin sessions we’re making them permanent! These sessions are great for new and existing clients to have 3/4 times a year to enhance results: 30 min session Includes skin scanning & analysis 15 min mini facial Mineral makeup colour match Free samples Bookable from Monday! Call 01892 506930 from tomorrow from 9.30-2.00

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#FacialWeek Our Aestheticians share their skincare top tips!

Today we feature Carly’s top tips. Carly works every Monday at the No.6 Clinic and looks forward to welcoming you soon. ** Keeping your skin hydrated both internally and externally with drinking plenty of water and applying Dermaquest B5 serum which is a thirst quencher for the skin and helps retain moisture in the skin great for plumping fine lines and wrinkles! ** Protecting our skin throughout the year not just in the summer with a good quality SPF that contains zinc oxide which will safe guard and protect our skin from harmful UV and anti oxidants to scavenge free radicals which cause out skin to age! ** Using a Glycolic cleanser in the evenings will ensure a deep cleanse unblock pores and to increase cell turnover getting the best from our skin and increasing absorption for all of our other products that we use on the skin. Use a vitamin A product known as retinol on your skin, it can help in many different ways to improve your skin health. ** Vitamin A thickens and stimulates the dermis – where your collagen, elastin and blood vessels are – so it reduces wrinkles and increases blood flow to the surface

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#FacialWeek Masks – the latest in home skin maintenance products

Every successful skincare routine factors in daily-use products, cleansers, toners, moisturisers, eye gels and SPF products, but in order to give your skin that extra boost you should apply a face mask once a week at home. (You can use it more than that depending on your skin’s needs). Here at No.6 we have seen a rise in people wanting face masks and coming back once they reach the end of the bottle! The right mask for your skincare concerns can help boost your other products, as well as extracting impurities in between clinic facial treatments. The two home maintenance products listed below not only are suitable for all skin types but will allow you to pamper yourself in the comfort of your own home! Fantastic value product which last 6-9 months after weekly use! Dermaquest TX Mask – This lavishing mask is packed full of Vitamin C, Alpha Lipoic acids, antioxidants and peptides. Perfect to use once or twice a week to boost your skincare regime and before an evening out to give a beautiful healthy glowing complexion. The Vitamin C stimulates collagen production to plump out lines and wrinkles whilst this mask hydrates and soothes. £39.00 DermaQuest Advanced

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#FacialWeek Our signature facials – The Powerfacial and Photofacial

Watch Aesthetician Beth performing the peel, the first section of both facial treatments, followed by the OmniluxTM Light which is the second part of the PowerFacial. Our Powerfacial and Photofacial have been designed by Samantha to maintain healthy skin throughout the decades by combining the most innovative treatments available. They may sound too good to be true, but with results maintaining healthy, problem free, youthful skin, it’s no wonder our clients keep coming back!

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Introduction to #FacialWeek with founder and owner of No.6, Samantha Clarke

“THE FACIAL, it forms our whole philosophy…” Maintaining healthy skin is essential in keeping a fresh, youthful complexion through the decades and this is at the very core of our ethos of No.6.  Samantha saw after working in the industry for a few years as an Aesthetic Nurse that the eternal quest for youth, injectables and surgery were often being performed with unnatural and even scary results. “At this stage probably 14 years ago” Samantha says, “I became very interested in the new cosmeceutical product ranges that were emerging, which claimed to renew skin cells, stimulate collagen and elastin without any recovery or downtime. I tried out all the products I could and grilled the founders about the science and the results. I was obsessed!! In 2005 I was confident enough to branch out on my own. I rented a room in a local medical practice, took out a small bank loan, did the minimum order on MD formulation skincare and leased the Omnilux machine. Word seemed to spread and within six months I was doing an average of five Power Facials a day. The results spoke for themselves. Client numbers were growing and I was finding that those having

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Have you heard? Mum’s the Word!

Mum’s the Word is an exciting new network for Mamas run by sisters Laura and Natalie. Having launched earlier this year, their events have already been huge successes, with sell-out family dance parties to triumphant meet ups. Mum’s the Word networking meet ups brings together like-minded Mamas with inspiring guest speakers from around the UK to discuss everything from your #MUMBOSS career, style, health and well-being, all in a daytime setting where your babies and toddlers are very much welcome too! So when they emailed to ask our staff to speak at their second Mama’s Meet Up we jumped at the chance! Not only were we overwhelmingly flattered that they had thought about inviting us to guest speak but we were also very excited to collaborate with this Tunbridge Wells business that is the talk of the town!

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The rise of male hair removal

Nearly all of the treatments offered at No.6 are suitable for men as well as women, but due to client demand we are working on adding extra treatments to our extensive menu so that we can offer the highest quality of appointments, particularly aimed at male skin and grooming. Stay tuned for male facials and grooming treatments to be revealed soon. A treatment already popular with our male clients is the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), ideal for those wanting a hair-free back, smooth chest or hairless back of the neck. Here at No.6 Clinic we have seen an increase in male clients opting for this treatment for many reasons, including wanting to avoid painful ingrown hairs and razor burns – which men are more prone to because their hair is thicker and coarser. Lifestyles are also meaning that people are now demanding long-lasting results and with IPL, after each treatment you can expect to be hair free for up to six weeks, then experiencing a full reduction within a course of treatments, six sessions. This method of hair removal is also more cost and time effective, as well as being less painful than alternatives. Win, win!

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No.6 crowned Best Beauty Salon in Kent

Celebrations were in order at No.6 after scooping the top honour, for Best Beauty, in a Kent Award. Established this year, the awards were organised by Editor Ali and her team at Muddy Stilettos, a urban lifestyle blog. Their honest and upbeat style for supporting local independents, since establishing in Oxford in 2011, has made many fall in love with their posts. The awards saw over 800 businesses enter, which after an initial round were whittled down to 150 finalists in 30 different categories. Flattered to be recognised for the service we offer, this award has been made even more special by being presented during our 10th year of business. Since 2006, Samantha has built No.6’s foundations for anyone wanting to achieve and maintain healthy, youthful looking skin. Nurturing clients to embrace age and skin wellbeing has seen No.6 establish a reputation for offering supportive and honest advice from experienced and dedicated professionals.  Our unique Clinic in Tunbridge Wells prides itself at being at the forefront of advanced facial treatments and aesthetic injectables. And our Shop, along St John’s High Street, which opened in 2014 has since become the ultimate destination for clients’ beauty and skincare needs, working alongside exclusive product ranges

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Q&A with Doctor Natasha Gilani

1. Tell us about the importance of visiting a medical-led team in a clinical environment? At No 6 our aesthetic team of doctors, nurses and therapists work closely together to offer our patients a holistic approach to their aesthetic needs. We believe it is important to have a clinician-led team to ensure all our patients are treated safely and appropriately. Ethical practice is our gold standard and we do not treat any patients unnecessarily. Proper patient counselling and addressing the patients concerns is an essential part of our consultation process. 2. What should I expect from a first visit? At your first appointment we aim to address your particular concerns and offer you appropriate solutions. We will also undertake a detailed medical history of any past and present health concerns, operations, medications, allergies and previous aesthetic treatments. We will discuss the treatment options offered to you, their side effects, expected results, costs and after-care advice. You may have a treatment if you wish and if you feel you have had time to consider all the information given to you. We strongly encourage you to take time to think about having any procedures and the final decision if very much yours not ours. 3. Why do I

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No.6, 10 Years In Business As A Doctor-Led Aesthetic Clinic

Some cosmetic procedures do not involve surgery, but this does not mean they’re without risk! Cosmetic injectable treatments should only be carried out by an appropriately trained Doctor, or registered Aesthetic Nurse in a clinical environment. The General Medical Council rule that Doctors must initially meet patients face-to-face before prescribing anti-ageing injectables to make sure they fully understand their medical history and reasons for wanting the treatment. After the initial treatment, registered Aesthetic Nurses can then administer the following but the Doctor always needs to prescribe. Others offering injections do not have the necessary skills, training, qualifications or understanding of your facial structure. With a growing demand for injectables treatments, it has been worrying for No.6’s Doctor Gilani, and Aesthetic Nurse Samantha, to have seen the media uncover people purporting to be registered professionals carrying out non-surgical treatments. As a result, there is a growing demand for clear legislation to protect patients and underpin the work of reputable cosmetic medical professionals.

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