Proud to be 50!

Words written by Sam Clarke our Skincare Nurse Specialist at SkinAddict….


I am proud to be 50! 

It was recently my birthday. Yes, it was a round numbered “big birthday”, a milestone; some may say. To be honest I was dreading it, the approach to half a century felt scary! 

But it is a privilege to be able to age and when we think of others that have lost their lives too young, this thought snapped me out of being absorbed in any kind of self pity.

Once the celebrations were over, and maybe when I was feeling a little jaded after too many G&Ts, I did wonder how time has flown! I swear only a few years ago I was 35! 


So what about the next 15? Where will my life be? And what will I look like? 


Now when I look in the mirror I notice more fine lines, my skin feels less plump and features are definitely not as bright and defined as a few years ago. But as I know from working in this industry for 22 years and seeing many patients go through the same stage (menopausal aged women lose approx 30% collagen). I am human and ageing is inevitable. In all the years I’ve spent in skincare, I have yet to meet a Benjamin Button! With age comes wisdom and a new kind of confidence, you know yourself, your strengths and limitations and don’t worry about what others think (as I did terribly in my 20s!).


It is well said that the most attractive quality someone can have is self confidence. For me and many patients I have welcomed, they feel more confident if they have the odd tweakment and invest in their skincare. It’s not necessarily about looking younger but more that your skin is looking bright and healthy. Add a positive attitude and a smile and I feel just fine about being in my 50s….for now! 


Here at SkinAddict, our caring, friendly and compassionate team, are dedicated to improving self confidence. So please do reach out to us if you’d like any skincare advice either by email, phone, or by popping into the shop.


Skincare Nurse Specialist
Skincare Nurse Specialist Sam Clarke