Welcome back Beth!

Welcome back Beth! We’re very happy to have Beth (senior aesthetician/therapist) back after 2 weeks leave for her Septorhinoplasty. Beth’s been kind enough to share her experience of her recent cosmetic surgery and share pictures with us…

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I have been self-conscious about my nose since the age of 16. I’ve gained confidence with age (and discovered contouring ) so would no longer get upset by it but I still wasn’t happy.  I finally decided in October 2016 that I would make the move to go ahead with the procedure.
I did some research, made some enquiries, decided on where I would go for my consultation and spoke to others who had the same procedure done.  After my first consultation I was 100% sure I wanted to go ahead with it.

Beth - septorhinoplasty

I booked an appointment with my surgeon the following month. Sr Lahoud answered all my questions before I’d asked them, drew diagrams to explain the Septorhinoplasty procedure and discussed what we would change and realistic results. I have scar tissue from a previous operation and that can make it harder to get my desired results. We then booked the operation and pre-op.

I felt really confident with my surgeon, this put me at complete ease. I had no nerves or worries to my surprise at all, not even in the minutes before I was put under anaesthetic.


Today I am 2 weeks post op and I am already thrilled with my results. Despite the scar tissue my nose is straight, the bump on my bridge is gone and I have a cute little tip. I’ve been really lucky and had no pain throughout, minimal swelling and almost no bruising.

I can’t wait for the last bit of swelling to go down and for my internal stitches to dissolve.

I am looking forward to seeing my clients after the time off and showing them my new nose. If anyone is thinking of having a similar procedure I would be happy to welcome questions.