Confused about waxing treatments?

So you’re considering waxing, but don’t know where to start; surely you want the best? Well that’s easy Lycon Wax!

Let us here at No.6 answer all your questions, put your mind at ease and explain how we use the highest quality product, Lycon wax on the market by our highly experienced No.6 therapists.

Why is it the best? Lycon have specially formulated their waxes to be virtually pain free, with many people saying they would never have a non-Lycon wax once they’ve experienced a Lycon wax.

There are many different formulas each have aromatherapy ingredients, to ensure your treatment is comfortable, soothing and gentle on even the most sensitive areas.

Now you know which brand is best, let us share with you which Lycon wax we use at No.6.

We use both strip/warm and hot/hard wax, although all of Lycons waxes have low working temperatures, so your skin won’t feel irritated or uncomfortable after your treatment. Those names are more of an out-dated industry term. Strip wax we use on areas such as eyebrows, legs and chest. We apply a thin layer over the unwanted hair, place a wax-strip over the top then remove in one, swift movement. Hot wax is used for more sensitive areas like bikini and underarm. This wax has to be applied in generous amounts in small sections, which is why it’s not suitable for larger areas. It ‘shrink wraps’ around the hair, making it ideal for removing short and stubborn hairs. Once the wax has hardened, the edge is gently lifted and the wax removed. No.6 have worked with many of Lycons different waxes, listened to clients feedback, and our therapists expertise, we believe we are using the best suited waxes for our clients.

As well as having the best wax, No.6 also have talented and experienced therapists, who will make you relaxed and ensure your modesty is maintained at all times. With many of years experience between us, we can assure you we have seen it all. We are confident in any situation we will strive to make you feel at ease, whether you’re coming for you regular eyebrow tidy, or having one of our wax packages.

What about those more intimate areas. Just like when you come in for a brow wax, we will consult with you the shape you like, we want you to know what you’re coming in for when you book in your bikini wax.

Waxing for beautiful woman. Brazilian laser hair removal bikini line an sexy body shapes. Body care and clean skin. Sexy woman in spa

The Standard Bikini is removing hair from, and just past the knicker line, so no hair is visible when you’re in underwear. We can also remove hair from the top region if you like to wear lower cut pieces.

The Brazilian Wax is removing hair from underneath, back and front except for a strip in the centre. The amount of hair left is personal preference; some like to have a small patch, some like a larger ‘V’ shape. This will be something your therapist discusses with you beforehand, so you can be confident with the results achieved.

The Hollywood Wax is removing all hair from underneath, back and front.

Deciding which style you want is entirely up to you, it’s a very individual choice. People of all ages, lifestyles and backgrounds have a variety of the choices we offer, there is truly no judgement, it’s what is best for you.

Lycon also promises long-lasting results; They do vary, as each of you are so individual, but as a guideline you should expect your waxing treatments to be 4-6 weeks apart, taking at least four treatments to get your hair growth cycle in sync to achieve optimum results. You may notice from as early as your first treatment, that your hair grows back finer and more sparce. This is because, unlike shaving that cuts hair at the surface resulting in a blunt, prickly hair, waxing removes hair from the root, so the tip of the hair grows through much softer. Although it’s not listed as benefit of waxing, it can decrease hair growth. I can speak from experience of treating clients who have been waxing for many years, the areas being waxed have hair that is extremely fine, and some find that it’s only necessary to get waxed two or three times a year.

Blog written by Ruth Lomax-senior beauty therapist at No.6 Feb 2019