What are microcurrent facial treatments?

Microccurent facials, often called ‘natural’ or ‘non-surgical’ facelifts, offers a work out for your entire face. It’s suitable for clients looking for anti-aging results, and can also be used as a preventative, so it’s suitable for all ages and skin types*.
The machine emits low-voltage currents (hence the micro) simulating your body’s own electrical rhythm, increasing cellular activity, stimulating collagen and elastin production, improving muscle tone, reducing puffiness and plumping fine lines and wrinkles. This amazing treatment requires NO downtime, so you are free to continue your day as usual, with visible results after the first treatment.
During the facial, your therapist will carry out a traditional manual cleanse, then use the Microcurrent machine for the second cleanse. This starts to break down the skins natural electrically resistant barrier, helping the treatment become more effective (don’t worry, it gets restored back to it’s original state at the end).
Once the skin it suitably prepped, the lifting phase 1 begins. On your first visit your therapist will use the lowest voltage and gradually build up the intensity over the facial course. They will work methodically across the face with two small metal probes, using specially developed movements to achieve optimal results. The whole lifting process is then repeated with lifting phase 2.
A collegen mask is then applied and worked into the face and neck with the probes, helping to penetrate the formulation into the skin. The skin is then treated to a pH balancing phase, returning the skin to its natural state of conductivity.
During the a course of 12 treatments, the initial facial is 60 minutes, and will involve all the steps explained above. The subsequent treatments will be 30 minutes and will include a cleanse, lifting phase 1 and 2 and application of finishing products including SPF.
The microcurrent facial is available as a one-off treatment for £65 which is good for prepping skin for a special event, but for longer lasting, results, we recommend a course of 12, having 2-3 treatments a week for 6 weeks.
*pregnant women, people suffering with heart conditions or a pace maker should avoid this treatment.
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