Do you have unwanted hair?

After IPL Hair removal

Are you fed up with waxing??

Are you looking for a more long term solution for hair removal??

Then IPL is the answer!!!!

• No.6 uses the Lynton Luminette Advanced machine the leading IPL in the market to get fantastic hair free results!

• Brilliant for women and men as the treatment works amazingly well for thick dark hair! So great for those stubborn mens back and women’s bikini, under arms and legs.

• Can treat both face and body.

• A course is required to get best results every 4-6weeks.

• There’s no need for waxing in between treatments and hair becomes much finer and less noticeable with each treatment.

Start your hair removal course now and get hair free for the summer time

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“Buy one area of IPL hair removal and get 1 area free of charge!!!!

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