60 seconds with aesthetic therapist Bethany Jones

Round one of our series of 60 seconds with the staff at No.6 Clinic. This week we talk to our aesthetic therapist Bethany Jones.

How long have you worked at No.6 Clinic for?

“I have been working at the clinic since November 2013, I work four days a week on a Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and since the beginning of February, Saturdays too.”

What do you enjoy most about working at No.6 Clinic?

“Sam and I are working very closely together and I really enjoy learning from her as she has over 10 years experience in the aesthetics industry. No.6 is like no other clinic I have visited before, it is a small boutique setting which makes it exclusive. We offer highly professional treatments and I am now developing relationships with the clients.”

What is your favourite treatment to have?

“I am specialising in the signature Power facial which is a prescribed medical grade facial, when I have this done by Sam by skin looks flawless for a couple of weeks after, my pores close and my skin glows. The treatment is really relaxing too with the foot massage.”

Describe yourself in three words

“Outgoing, friendly and motivated”

What is your favourite beauty product?

“I have been using the Priori moisturiser barrier repair and gentle facial cleanser for the past few months. It is great value for money, both so far have lasted for 3 months and I use them twice a day everyday. I have normal skin with little breakouts, Priori’s products help me to maintain this as well as having all the benefits of a cleanser and moisturiser.”

And finally, what is your No 1 beauty tip?

“Always take your make up off, always. I was told that for every day you don’t take off your make up properly it will age your skin by two days! I researched into this and it is true, the effects of not having a proper skin care regime are scary.”

You can now book in for our signature Power facial with Beth to which she has added her own excellent massage techniques to make this our most popular skin maintenance treatment as well as an excellent pamper experience. Beth also carries out IPL hair removal under the medical supervision of aesthetic nurse Samantha and will soon be offering peel facial treatments.

Thank you Beth, stay tuned for more staff blogs coming soon.