Under 18s Botox ban, is it too late for the Instagram generation?

Don’t get us wrong, we love social media. It’s great being able to connect with you all and being able to support other independent businesses. And who doesn’t love a bit of reality tv?! We’re first to confess that we do! But sadly these platforms, as we all know, do have their drawbacks.


One of the downsides is the immense pressure people feel when they compare themselves to someone else after seeing them online or on the telly. A high number of viewers sadly are our children, who scroll through heavily airbrushed photos that celebrities post and then end up wishing that they could have higher cheekbones, fuller lips or cat-like eyes too.


This behaviour has caused a movement over the last few years which has been a surge in teenagers seeking tweakments. In fact, more than 41,000 procedures were carried out on those under 18 last year alone! Yes, you read that correctly!


Not only this but a lot of the work was carried out by cowboys, who are not medically qualified or experienced, which has in turn seen some horrific botched outcomes such as blood clots and partial blindness to necrosis in the facial tissue.  


Thankfully now the Government have listened to the likes of our fabulous MP Laura Trott and Save Face and from 1st October 2021 it will be illegal to carry out botox and fillers on anyone aged under 18!  We have proudly supported this campaign since the beginning too and have used our social media platforms to educate on the safe practise of injectables.


Here at the No.6 Clinic, we have a strict policy not to treat anyone under the age of 25, unless there is a clear medical indication. Physically, the full facial structure doesn’t finish forming until post-teen years and early Botox can have a profound effect. Instead of injectables our Aestheticians can recommend top skincare products and a non-invasive facial programme to address our younger client’s individual concerns.


Our caring, friendly and compassionate team, are dedicated to improving confidence by treating skin conditions and providing a wide selection of treatments no matter your age.


We want you to love yourself, to see your own beauty. “A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.”