Teens pursuing rich girl face demand Botox and Fillers

Shingi Marakike’s article in the Sunday Times addresses two VERY serious issues; the number of under 18s seeking cosmetic procedures AND the lack of regulation and under qualified practitioners offering treatments. Our medical team at the No.6 Clinic have seen these worrying problems first hand too.

Here at the No.6 Clinic, we have a strict policy not to treat anyone under the age of 25, unless there is a clear medical indication. Physically, the full facial structure doesn’t finish forming until post-teen years and early Botox can have a profound effect. We feel passionate that there needs to be a legal age restriction implemented. Instead of injectables our Aestheticians can recommend top skincare products and a non-invasive facial programme to address our younger client’s individual concerns.

Over the past few years, our Doctors and Aesthetic Nurses are unfortunately having to correct more procedures by inexperienced practitioners. Research is key! Read reviews and check to see if the clinic has D1 use with full liability insurance. We cannot stress enough, that if you are considering injectables, to ALWAYS go to a fully licensed medical aesthetic practice which has stringent policies and procedures in place. Don’t be tempted by cheaper prices as this often means that the practitioner is inexperienced, the premises are not a medical practice and/or that the products are not what they seem. You’ve have to do this mental check, think to yourself, would you have a medical or dental procedure here? Would you have a tooth/mole removed here by this person?

Here at No.6 Clinic Dr Natasha Gilani, has over 15 years and Dr Peter Bell has 7 years and Nurse Prescriber Lisa has 11 years of experience in aesthetics. You can read their biographies over on our website.

Please help us at No.6 Clinic to clean up the cosmetic industry and put patients before profit. Please sign Dr Dirk Kremer’s petition